Things Your PMO is Doing Wrong

“Things Your PMO is Doing Wrong” is the title of a PMI book by by Michael Hatfield (2008). Coming from a real-world perspective, the book parallels insightful organizational management discourse that I have heard. Says Hatfield, “Leveraging organizational power and influence [over behavioral compliance] does not advance project management maturity….” This is broken out into the following PMO mistakes:

  • Organizationally enforcing compliance to project management techniques
  • Blaming the organization (not their own naive policy) for politics unraveling a successful adoption
  • Expecting ROI to substantiate project management techniques
  • Expecting training to result in participation or good practice
  • Expecting internal documentation or external guidance to further good practice
  • Missing earned value, critical path, and cost and schedule performance assessments for projects
  • Standardizing on software packages to process and deliver cost and schedule performance information
  • Restricting decision-makers’ latitude in taking managerial actions
  • Suggesting to decision-makers that they need to work harder or take a potentially unpopular position
  • Exempting from the techniques any organizational work that qualifies as a project

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