Times When I Forgot a Key Stakeholder

· When my boss wanted to re-evaluate a temporary staff requisition that was vacated halfway through the term, and I was in the process of backfilling

· When a product needed user acceptance from a supervisor, who the phased data migration would have immediately cut off from using the legacy system

· When I did not know about an inter-operating product while writing a functional spec

· When I learned about a partner’s reorganization after forming a joint requirement-gathering strategy with the outgoing partner-stakeholder

· When inheriting a project after Initiation and functional specifications had been completed

· When believing my boss who said that his sign-off represented upper management’s buy-in

· When the project’s marketing leverage changed midstream on a project, and unsuspecting new stakeholders were created

· When my boss left the company midstream on a project, and his boss was not as hands-off as she appeared to be


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