Unit of Value

How do customers know that your projects are producing value? Your customers needs to view what you have completed in terms that they understand. For example, George is checking the number of use cases (UC) that were completed last week, but is careful not to include items that are only partially complete or even passed but not accepted yet. Last week one user dashboard and all four sign-on use cases (including user groups and error screens) were accepted by the customer. George factors these five UC’s into his completion rate. The previous 5-week running average of 4.2 UC per week now becomes 4.33 UC per week.

But wait! two other tasks were completed AND accepted by the customer: LDAP groups (for user access control) and a security threat model report. However, these do not really count as use cases. George isn’t sure how to track these, so he asks Jane, the customer representative. She says, “Basically, authenticated users should only be able to access functions and data that their permissions give them.” George uses this idea as a new UC that covers both tasks. He does not add it into the weekly average because it also covers an additional tasks that is incomplete: service notes for the system administrator, including a list of contacts for granting permissions. By counting as complete only use cases that are worded in the customer’s terminology, George is giving the customer clear visibility into whether the project is completing on time.


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