Degrees of Completeness

How do you know that the project is completing on time? You need to know what has been completed, and over what period of time. George, the Dev manager, might tell you that his team has completed six use cases (UC) over the last four weeks. Another fairly complex UC is 85% complete. In contrast, Sally, the E-commerce manager, acknowledges that only four UC’s have passed her acceptance testing.
If you calculate your completion rate based on Sally’s number, knowing there are 24 total UC’s in the pipeline, you would take the remaining UC’s (24-4=20), and divide that by the rate (4 UC’s per 4 weeks, which equals 1 per week), to get a projected completion:
20 UC’s / 1 UC’s / 1 weeks = 20 UC’s X 1 week / 1 UC = 20 weeks
But based on George’s number the completion rate is larger (6.85 UC’s per 4 weeks, or 1.7 per week):
20 UC’s / 1.7 UC’s / 1 weeks = 20 UC’s X 1 week / 1.7 UC = 11.8 weeks
Which projected completion would you rely on?


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