Game Changing by Microsoft

Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 and the Surface may play out to be a very smart move as part of a convergence of two global market trends. On the surface (no pun intended) another operating system and hardware release from Microsoft might appear as business-as-usual. Why instead do I believe that the release is a game-changer?
These two releases clearly serve the growing market demand for form-factor integration and function integration. Windows 8 is not a just another os we have to ramp up on. Nor is it merely a nicer pc/phone user experience. In addition, it is not consumer-centric. These descriptions fall short of the two trends toward integration. There is a growing global demand for integration of user experience across form factors. The surface addresses this by extending Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone to the popular slate form factor, creating a unified experience and making users increasingly productive no matter which device they use or how often they switch from one device to another.
An additional demand for integration is between consumer and business functions. Because slates are increasing common among consumers and businesses, and often used between the two functions, the surface can increases productivity whether your task is personal or for work. Furthermore, Microsoft is fortifying its position across all functions by providing cloud-based technologies that uses the same Windows 8 user interface.
There is a third global market trend that is not apparent in these releases, but perhaps is served by them. This trend is the development of devices for specialized application. The Microsoft brand is almost synonymous with centralization, not specialization, of applications. Even the Surface is a centralizing device. However, if Microsoft can support the same UI, focusing on upgrades and hardware for revenues, perhaps this UI will become ubiquitous enough to attract developers of specialized hardware and software to adopt specialized “Windows 8” UI’s. This market has the potential to explode in the coming years.
Let’s watch what Microsoft does in their next operating system.


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