Email to Business Stakeholders…”November Release: Status of Requirements”

Requirements delivered to Engineering

Requirements have been delivered representing the following scope:

Entry Header 1 Entry Header 2 Entry Header 3 Entry Header 4
Entry First Line 1 Entry First Line 2 Entry First Line 3 Entry First Line 4
Entry Line 1 Entry Line 2 Entry Line 3 Entry Line 4
Entry Last Line 1 Entry Last Line 2 Entry Last Line 3 Entry Last Line 4

This scope represents a significant workload for the resources that are available in India, considering our hard Go-Live date.

Requirements that must be deferred

The Productivity Suite is subject to deferral for the reasons below. I will be happy to explain any details you need.


  • Product key not available from Fullfillment
  • Unavailable attributes (not found in Production databases or hand-off spreadsheets)
  • Inaccurate attributes in a Production database that requires new analysis and would otherwise result in Engineering having to copy the same errors to create new mappings

Analysis is underway for fixing these problems, and releasing the deferred product(s) in the May release.



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