Why Aren’t I Getting complete Requirements?

Door closed, head down, and coffee lukewarm, the week-worn solution manager mercilessly hammers his keyboard, hoping for some clarity on project requirements. The month-end deadline is upon him, and this week seems to be resulting as so many before. If this picture doesn’t describe you, be thankful but consider my “ounce of prevention,” which as the proverb suggests may save you a lot of pain in addition to a costly “pound of cure.” I do not prescribe better process. Although this would help, it is not sufficient. Instead I offer a different way of thinking, which if omitted will doom any process. The next few posts will look at my ideas one at a time beginning with the thinking that is opposite. Here is a preview of topics:

“I can deduce the requirements myself.”
“Whatever requirements they don’t tell me by the deadline will be out of scope.”
“I reached out for requirements — through their single point of contact.”
“Let’s see if they reply to my email with their requirements.”
“I made a requirements-gathering meeting.”
“Joe really knows the upcoming product. I’ll ask him.”
“Requirements are progressive. Right?”

In the next few blog posts, we will look at each of these tactical errors, and then the correct thinking, in managing requirements gathering.


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